Disposal of railway items.

  1. Estate Planning - Executors Instructions, who to go to for help and assistance. Part One

  2. Inventory Listing - equipment, books, videos. Hardcopy, spread sheet. Part Two

  3. Preliminary Distribution - to family, for sale, free to good home, or recycling bin ? Part Three A  Part Three B

  4. Dismantling or stripping down of layouts ?

  5. Assessing Market value - breaking down the list - finding an expert or checking prices on the internet ?

  6. Platelayers facilities -Selling ? or Free to good home ? Including the list, the website, the Symposium or the GBTS ?

  7. How to sell on EBay or other internet sites, or at Show and sales events ?

  8. Selling by auction, through dealers or on consignment ?

  9. Selecting a dealer, locally or in the U.K. ?