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Modelling Articles

An Introduction to Airbrushing Enamels & Acrylic Paints by Ken Sherwood - Sept.1996
Painting and Lining of Locos & Rolling Stock by Mark Stapleton - April 1999
What Made Me Become a Railway Modeller? by Mark Stapleton - May 1999
Railway Modelling - A Journey, not a Destination a rebuttal by Mike Walton - June 1999
Railway Modelling a rebuttal by Eric French - June 1999
Keeping the Coals Hot by Mark Stapleton - September 1999
Re-motoring a Bachmann A1  by Gerry Taylor -December 2007


My Favourite Loco - SR 902 'Wellington' by Mark Stapleton - March 1998
Crowthorne Halt (for Wellington College) by John Rowe - April 1998
An Interesting Transformation - LBSCR Baltic Tanks by Mike Watts - April 2000


On The Footplate - Tyne Dock to Consett by Allan Grey - March 1999
My Favourite Train - 1938 LT Northern Line Stock by Tony Griffiths - March 2000
Private Owner Wagon Notes by Ray Whitmore - May 1998

Banking and piloting An expert's comments about Banking and Piloting.

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